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Online Webinar – Are you ready for the upcoming GDPR data reforms?

Thank you for attending the online webinar – ‘Are you ready for the upcoming GDPR data reforms?’ – we hope you found it informative.

On the day you heard what changes are being proposed to UK GDPR and what this means for your business to remain compliant.

Our presenters covered:

  • Compliance Now
  • Supply Chains
  • Risk Assessments
  • Data Location

We’re aware there was a lot of information to digest! So, to help you process this, our presenters have opened up their diaries to give you the opportunity to discuss your next steps to meet the legal, data and compliance requirements.

Appointments are for for 15 minutes and are on a first come, first served basis, so book your slot now!

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    Risk Mitigation & Your Data

    Risk Mitigation & Your Data

    We highlighted:

    • What is happening in the world of AI right now
    • How this poses a risk to you and your data
    • What legislation is in place to help protect your data

    Even with this legislation in place, it’s highly likely you WILL encounter cyber-crime & data theft – as your data is such a valuable asset.

    If a data attack or leak occurs, some of the consequences are:

    • Penalties
    • Damage & compensation for data subjects
    • Reputational damage

    With the boom in AI, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, and the data threat is very real!

    To mitigate this threat your first question should be ‘How protected are you right now?’

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