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Here you will find all the information and links that you need to fully understand how and why Sage 200 upgrades are needed and achieved and what Sage 200 End of Support means for you.

Sage 200 – End of Support

Sage has a software lifecycle policy for Sage 200 meaning every year an older version of Sage 200 is moved into end of support. Full details of the ‘Sage Lifecycle Policy’ can be viewed here.

A summary of the Sage Lifecycle Policy:

  • The Sage 200 product lifecycle is the current version minus 2 previous versions.
    i.e. The current version of Sage 200 is version 2022. Therefore versions 2020 and below will be moving into, or already be in ‘End of Support’.

Why do Sage do this?

It is not sustainable to keep products in support for the duration that has been experienced in the past. The industry has changed! Sage is unable to invest and develop the current product whilst supporting older software versions using outdated technology.

What does Sage 200 End of Support mean?

End of Support does not mean the software will stop working. The software can still be used, BUT Sage will withdraw support, updates, patches and legislative updates.

Note: There are limitations & risks if you stay on a version that is in End of Support.

What are your next steps

  • Why do I need to upgrade

    Not keeping your Sage system within the mainstream support cycle presents various challenges, limitations, and risks.

    The main ones are:

    • Major risk – If an issue arises that needs a patch from Sage to resolve – once the system is end of support Sage will not issue patches or updates.
    • Major risk – GCC are unable to call upon Sage 3rd line support for issues if any arise for your system.
    • You are unable to keep up with legislative changes.
    • You are unable to keep up with technology changes (i.e., server operating systems, Microsoft Office).
    • You are unable to add user licences and module licences

    See GCC’s ‘Sage 200 Support Lifecycle’ page to understand the full limitations.

  • What do I need to do to upgrade

    Upgrading your system ensures continued operation, keeping you within mainstream support and compliant.

    An upgrade will usually involve GCC completing the following:

    • Scoping & documenting the upgrade requirements – Statement of Work (SoW)
    • Compliance check with all data handling and GDPR policies
    • Installing a new instance of your Sage system and the Microsoft SQL database on a Virtual Machine (VM) or physical server (provided by others)
    • Testing the new platform & testing a data migration
    • Migrating your live financial data from your existing system
    • Testing the new system prior to ‘go-live’
    • Launching the new system
    • Training all users on new features
    • Post go-live enhanced support (GCC service desk and project consultants)

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  • Change to an alternative solution

    As there are costs associated and time required with an upgrade (that keep getting more frequent) – Many users ask what alternatives are there?

    The main alternative is a cloud-based, centrally managed, Software as a Service (SaaS) system.

    This type of system will typically have several minor upgrades each year with the changes often being rolled out into the live environment without the end user noticing. New features and benefits are usually published periodically, maybe twice a year.

    Because the core is centrally managed – additional, non-standard, functionality is typically added via Apps (extensions) that are written and extensively tested prior to launch.

    Key benefits of a centrally managed and hosted in the cloud software (SaaS):

    • Users can work from anywhere – office/home/holiday home
    • Users can use any device that has a browser
    • Automatic, continuous, background upgrades

    If you would like to explore options, please contact us and we can explain options. 

Want to know what’s involved in a Sage 200 upgrade?

GCC Customer Testimonials – Sage 200 Users

“The Sage 200 upgrade was one of the best projects we ran last year, it has helped us dramatically streamline and improve our processes.”

Steve Wilkinson, IT Manager

“From the initial quote, to the project planning, to the testing phase and the installation, GCC made this the smoothest Sage 200 upgrade I’ve been involved with.

They helped us through the process of upgrading Sage 200 with no hiccups and very little disruption.”

Steve Penny, Commercial Manager

“Everything is now in one place with Sage 200 – we now have one piece of software that controls both the accounts and the inventory.”

Sarah Hitchcock, Managing Director

“We engaged GCC to support & manage Sage 200.  Everything was done professionally and on time…a fantastic service.”

Boston Mwense, Finance & Support Director

“Sage 200 has helped us grow as a business – something that was imperative when choosing a new accounting system. The ongoing Sage 200 support we have received from GCC has been fantastic.”

Michael Armstrong, CFO

“We could not run our business without Sage 200. It gives us a view of what’s happening in real-time – making us much more efficient.”

Richard Boyle, Finance Director


“The Sage 200 upgrade installation is running nicely and the whole process of moving went well due to the great support from the GCC team, who went above and beyond what was expected.

We had inherited a terrible environment set up from a previous support partner, however GCC guided us through getting our PC’s and systems ready to run SAGE smoothly.”


Lee Williams, IT & Systems Manager of Volmary

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Sage 200 Support

GCC support a number of customers on Sage 200 from our full-service support hub in Gloucester. And because it’s important to have IT problems resolved as quickly as possible – GCC offer a dedicated online customer support portal.

GCC are a Sage accredited partner with over 20 years’ experience – contact us to discuss your support needs.

Sage 200 End of Support

Some versions of Sage 200 go into end of support in January 2023.

Find out if you need to upgrade your system, why you need to upgrade & how GCC can help.


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Sage has a software lifecycle policy for Sage 200 meaning every year an older version of Sage 200 is moved into end of support.

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