Sage 200 Support Life Cycle

Sage 200 Support Life Cycle

Sage has a software lifecycle policy for Sage 200 (Sage 200 End of Life) where each year they place an older version of Sage 200 into ‘extended support’ and another version goes into ‘end of support’ status. To see Sage’s lifecycle policy in full click here.

Why do Sage do this?

It is a standard practice for technology companies to withdraw support for older versions of software.

Sage invest in research and development to improve their software – doing so in line with customer feedback and new technologies. Sage believe that “using the latest technology and software is the best way to help run a business effectively.”

What are the different support statuses?

We will explain the differences between Sage’s statuses:

  • Extended Support
    A version in extended support will still receive support updates and patches – however a date has been allocated when support will end (within the next 3 years).
  • End of Support
    A version in end of support will no longer be supported, updates will not be applied, patches will not be released and there are no legislative updates.
  • Retirement
    A version in retirement means the software will no longer function.
  • Mainstream Support
    A version in mainstream support receives full support, patches, updates and legislative updates.

Note: Sage 200 versions in end of support will continue to work but there are limitations staying on a version that is in End of Support.

Limitations for versions in End of Support

The limitations, risks and challenges of staying on a version that is end of support:

  • No patches or updates will be issued by Sage – if an issue arises no fix will be released
  • No legislative changes will be issued
  • No support from Sage is provided if an issue needs to be escalated
  • No additional users or modules can be added

Limitations are displayed below in a clear comparison table.

Check your version of Sage 200

It is important that you check your version of Sage 200 against Sage’s ‘Sage 200 Support Life Cycle’ to plan ahead. If you are unsure what version of Sage 200 you are currently running you can follow the steps below to find out. From within your Sage 200 system:

Click on the Cog (settings) button in the top right of the main Sage 200 screen and select ‘About Sage 200’

Your version number will be displayed

Now that you have your version number please check this against Sage’s 200 Support Life Cycle – listed below. Should you then need to upgrade please complete our Sage 200 Upgrade – Briefing Form.

Want to know what’s involved in a Sage 200 upgrade?

Sage 200 Support Life Cycle

The table below shows all versions of Sage 200.

Listed in the table is the database version and internal number for each version. One of these numbers will correspond to the version number displayed in your system.

(Review the steps to find your Sage 200 version).

The remaining data in the table shows the support status, dates of withdrawal and if the ability to add new modules & licences to the Sage 200 system is available.

VersionInternal NumberDatabase VersionExtended SupportEnd of SupportSupport StatusCan add new modulesCan add new users
2024 R12024.0112.00.005301/02/2026Feb ’27CurrentUp to Feb ’27Up to Feb ’29
2023 R22023.0212.00.005101/08/2025Aug ’26CurrentUp to Aug ’26Up to Aug ’28
2023 R12023.0112.00.004801/02/2025Feb ’26CurrentUp to Feb ’26Up to Feb ’28
2022 R22022.0212.00.004701/02/2024Aug ’25ExtendedUp to Aug ’25Up to Aug ’27
2022 R1 Remastered12.00.004601/02/2024Feb ’25ExtendedUp to Feb ’25Up to Feb ’27
2022 R12022.0112.00.004601/02/2024Feb ’25ExtendedUp to Feb ’25Up to Feb ’27
2021 R12021.0112.00.004301/01/2023**Feb ’24End of SupportUp to Feb ’24Up to Feb ’26
2020 R22020.0112.00.004101/01/2022Aug ’23End of SupportNoUp to Aug ’25
2020 R1202012.00.003601/01/2022Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2019 Summer2019.0112.00.003501/08/2021Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2019 Spring2018.0212.00.003101/08/2021Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2018 Winter2018.0112.00.002701/08/2021Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2018 Summer Remastered201812.00.002001/08/2021Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2018 Summer201812.00.002001/08/2021Feb ’23End of SupportNoUp to Feb ’25
2018 Spring2017.0212.00.001301/10/2020Jan ’22End of SupportNoUp to Jan ’24
2017 Winter2017.0112.00.000701/10/2020Jan ’22RetiredNoNo
2017 Summer Remastered201712.00.000401/10/2020Jan ’22End of SupportNoNo
2017 Summer201712.00.000301/10/2020Jan ’22RetiredNoNo
2016 Remastered201611.00.000301/10/201930/09/2020End of SupportNoNo
2016 SP2201611.00.000301/10/201930/09/2020RetiredNoNo
2016 SP1201611.00.000201/10/201930/09/2020RetiredNoNo
2013 R22013.029.0201/11/201731/10/2018RetiredNoNo
2013 R120139.0031/10/2018RetiredNoNo
201120118.0030/09/2018End of SupportNoNo
201020107.0030/09/2016End of SupportNoNo
200920096.0030/09/2015End of SupportNoNo

Is your Sage 200 version in ‘end of support’?

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Sage 200 Support Life Cycle Status: What’s included and what’s being removed

The table below shows the limitations your Sage 200 system will encounter when in a specific life cycle status.

ItemCurrentExtended SupportEnd of SupportProduct/Version Retirement
Version available for sale×××
Additional Attributes
Sales: Users
Additional Attribute
Sales: Modules
2nd line technical support to partners××
Legislative Updates×××
Defect Resolution×××
Ideas Hub (Is open)×××
Software use via Licensing×

Want to know what’s involved in a sage 200 upgrade?

GCC Customer Testimonials – Sage 200 Users

“The Sage 200 upgrade was one of the best projects we ran last year, it has helped us dramatically streamline and improve our processes.”

Steve Wilkinson, IT Manager

“From the initial quote, to the project planning, to the testing phase and the installation, GCC made this the smoothest Sage 200 upgrade I’ve been involved with.

They helped us through the process of upgrading Sage 200 with no hiccups and very little disruption.”

Steve Penny, Commercial Manager

“Everything is now in one place with Sage 200 – we now have one piece of software that controls both the accounts and the inventory.”

Sarah Hitchcock, Managing Director

“We engaged GCC to support & manage Sage 200.  Everything was done professionally and on time…a fantastic service.”

Boston Mwense, Finance & Support Director

“Sage 200 has helped us grow as a business – something that was imperative when choosing a new accounting system. The ongoing Sage 200 support we have received from GCC has been fantastic.”

Michael Armstrong, CFO

“We could not run our business without Sage 200. It gives us a view of what’s happening in real-time – making us much more efficient.”

Richard Boyle, Finance Director


“The Sage 200 upgrade installation is running nicely and the whole process of moving went well due to the great support from the GCC team, who went above and beyond what was expected.

We had inherited a terrible environment set up from a previous support partner, however GCC guided us through getting our PC’s and systems ready to run SAGE smoothly.”


Lee Williams, IT & Systems Manager of Volmary

Is your Sage 200 version in ‘end of support’?

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