Sage 50 Accounts Health Check

Sage 50 Health check

Free Sage 50 Accounts Health Check

Free Sage 50 Accounts Health Check

GCC are offering a free Sage 50 Accounts Health Check for Sage 50 users.

We are aware that a lot of things may have changed in your business, post-COVID – and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Sage 50 Accounts.

This free 30-minute health check will be via Microsoft Teams, with our Sage consultant – Guy Lester.

Guy has been a Sage 50 consultant for 30 years – holding a wealth of knowledge.

  • This Sage 50 Health Check will review the performance, management accounts, reporting, credit control & stock within your Sage 50.
  • Alternatively, if you have specific areas of Sage 50 that you would like to review or specific questions – we are more than happy to address your questions. 
  • Book in your free Sage 50 Health check now – inviting colleagues if needed.

Free Sage 50 Health Check for Sage 50 Accounts Users


Performance Check

The performance of Sage 50 Accounts can be affected by a number of different areas within the software.

Firstly, we’ll review:

  • Speed
  • Data Volume: no. of transactions on the audit trail
  • Activity – Tidy-up: clear audit trail based on specific criteria
  • Security & Data review: error & data corruption
  • Activity – Scheduling data reports & back-ups
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Management accounts

A review of your management accounts can highlight some alterations needed to reflect business changes, or some modifications that can save time each week/month:

  • Management account layouts
  • P&L departmental accounts
  • Nominal codes
  • Sage linked to your bank: electronic banking, automated bank reconciliation, linking customers & Direct Debits
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The reporting capabilities built into Sage 50 are endless. Are you using everything that’s available?

Are you experiencing any problems/issues with the reporting process/method you are currently using?

  • What do you do each month that takes a long time?
  • Report layouts review – discuss modifications & how to do this
  • Sage data to Excel – ODBC & linking Sage for up-to-date reports from live data
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Credit Control & Stock

If you use these features in Sage 50 Accounts, we will review:

  • Collecting money from customers – using the built-in Credit control feature
  • Stock: Purchase order / sales order processes
  • Stock categories & profit reports

If you don’ use any of these features – find out how to!

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Book your free Sage 50 Health Check

Sage 50 - Create a more agile, efficient & modern business

Sage 50 combines the power of desktop accounting with cloud computing, allowing you to access your critical information any time, from anywhere.

The automated data-capture, in-depth reporting, and built-in help & guidance makes it an accounting system for the digital age.

There are 2 variations of Sage 50cloud accounts available:

  • Sage 50cloud Standard

  • Sage 50loud Professional

Managing finances with Sage 50

With tight budgets, costs, and variable incomes, you need precise financial information to make informed decisions. Modern businesses are more mobile than ever, with users needing access to this key information at any time, from anywhere.

Sage 50 helps you quickly and easily:

  • See what you’re owed, manage late payments, and schedule supplier payments to suit your cash flow position

  • Create personalised invoices and quotes to give your business documents a professional edge
  • Work with customers and suppliers in their own currency, and then convert them back to see where you stand

Stay in control of your business’ finances with Sage 50cloud accounts.

Reporting and analytics with ERP

Sage 50 Training & Support

Sage 50cloud can do wonders for your business, but to get the most out of it, you need effective training. And although Sage 50 can be intuitive to a point, chances are without the right training, you’ll only scratch the surface of what it can do for you.

GCC run & offer expert Sage 50 Training courses – see which course is suitable for you or contact us to discuss your training needs.

We support a number of customers on Sage 200 from our full-service support hub in Gloucester. And because it’s important to have IT problems resolved as quickly as possible – GCC offer a dedicated online customer support portal.