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Next generation telephony – MX Cloud

MX Cloud telephony system brings together voice, instant messaging, Email, web conferencing, text, and video communications in one place.

MX Cloud can work seamlessly with your existing communication systems. Giving you a unified communications platform, so you’re always connected to your business, 24/7.

With MX Cloud, communicating and collaborating has never been quicker or easier.

When all your employees are under the same roof, it’s easy to get teams together to collaborate. But when your employees are working remotely or in different offices, how do you pull your team into the same virtual room?

MX Cloud incorporates all the interoffice communication features. Features such as presence status, secure group chat, web conference, drag and drop call operations can be brought into one easy to use collaboration tool.

Find out how MX Cloud can keep your teams connected from anywhere. Speak to a member of the GCC team now.

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Feature rich solution

Feature rich solution

MX Cloud features include:

  • Voice: PBX functionality so you don’t have to sacrifice quality or features.
  • IM: Instant messaging so you can always be connected to your team.
  • Presence: See colleagues in any location in real-time.
  • Mobile: Change any smartphone into a work phone.
  • Web conferencing: Supercharge productivity and enhance meetings with web conferencing.
  • Video: Communicate via high quality from wherever you are.
Configure incoming calls to suit your users

Configure incoming calls to suit your users

MX Cloud supports a range of Operator Groups and Agent roles, and users can log into multiple roles simultaneously.

When an employee logs into their Agent role – they will receive calls for the Call Group.

Incoming call group calls are distinguished from other calls to a user’s extension, so employees can adjust their greeting accordingly.

In the Agent Roles screen, agents can check the status of their fellow group members in a single screen.

MX Cloud can be configured to suit the needs of your business, contact centres and individual users.

Improved communications with your customers

Improved communications with your customers

MX Cloud provides the tools for your team to collaborate with customers.

When you need to bring in contacts outside of your business – simply enable temporary access to any MX Cloud group or start a new chat session.

An external contact can use any browser to launch the session and their temporary access is protected via a password-protected link.

They can even share their screen, make audio, and video calls, as well as share files.

Contact us today to see how MX cloud can enrich your customer communication.

Why MX Cloud

Work anywhere

Employees can work from home, remote offices, on the road, via mobile phones, and even overseas.


Virtual systems can expand and grow as and when you need it.

Initial cost savings

No large upfront investment from purchasing an office based telephony system & associated office installation costs.


Multiple data centres are utilised 24/7/365 so your communication infrastructure is protected.

Rapid deployment

MX Cloud can be installed & configured quickly – keeping you connected.

Legacy on premise systems

ISDN network will be switched off in 2025 – meaning that traditional phone systems will no longer be supported.

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MX Cloud

With MX Cloud, communicating & collaborating has never easier.

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