Secure connections for a geographically diverse business

Through acquiring Ivocom, GCC took on a range of connectivity services, from ADSL and FTTC (WAN & MPLS), through to high bandwidth Ethernet services.

Ivocom delivered a top-quality service, principally providing their clients with outstanding connectivity to manage their communications systems.

With hybrid working becoming the new normal, businesses are engaging with new Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions to ensure their operations remain uninterrupted in this new way of working.

Finding the right connectivity provider is key to ensuring communications continue seamlessly from anywhere.

With WAN/MPLS, businesses can expect:

  • Quality of service
    Whatever operations you are running, from any location. Your service will remain secure and uninterrupted.
  • Secure connections
    With key information being accessed remotely, you can be assured your connection will remain secure from threats.
  • Clear communications
    Whether you are running voice, video or VoIP communications, your connection will remain clear and secure.

With businesses becoming increasingly geographically diverse, investing in connectivity and remote infrastructure is key.

Connecting to the future with WAN & MPLS

Secure access and quality of service are vital to remote operations. And investing in leading connectivity services will ensure your business remains ahead of the curve as ways of working continually adapt.

Our team can translate your current and future business requirements into a specification that will be the technical backbone of your organisation.

We will implement your unique infrastructure cost effectively and flexibly to suit your organisation and deliver digital solutions for a more connected future.

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Secure connections for a geographically diverse business.

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