Protect your business with state-of-the-art video monitoring with CCTV

MOBOTIX is widely recognised as one of the most innovative developers of autonomous IP cameras in the industry of CCTV surveillance.

Benefitting from precision German engineering, these state-of-the-art cameras are installed in robust weatherproof packaging. This delivers high quality video, rain or shine, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Through acquiring Ivocom, GCC has also taken on industry-leading CCTV services with MOBOTIX.

By using a decentralised architecture, MOBOTIX delivers a monitoring system which consumes minimal bandwidth resources. This functionality allows it to send encrypted, high-quality video in a package, reducing costs and resource consumption.

To discuss how video monitoring systems can help keep your business secure, speak to an expert at GCC now.

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Industry leading CCTV

Industry leading CCTV

MOBOTIX CCTV features include:

  • Event detection across a wide range of light ranges
  • Alarm messaging
  • Two-way VoIP with phone connectivity
  • Video analysis
  • Remote functions
Minimise business disruptions

Minimise business disruptions

Security monitoring isn’t just about theft and vandalism – although CCTV footage can be necessary evidence for insurance claims in such instances – there are many additional disruptions to monitor.

With expensive machinery and equipment, monitoring for over-heating with MOBOTIX thermal cameras can be crucial to mitigate the risk of fire and vast costs associated with loss of equipment and consequent business disruptions.

Further business disruptions can be caused by power cuts, faulty machinery, or equipment breakdown.

Being able to monitor these situations – and more – before they become critical, allows you to reduce the loss of revenue by acting early.

A solution for all sizes

A solution for all sizes

With no limit on the number of cameras you can deploy, MOBOTIX is ideal for any businesses, from small office operations, to large scale and high security installations.

MOBOTIX provides their Professional Video Management System free of charge and without any licences, so you can access this leading CCTV technology whenever you need.


Provides staff protection

Protect your staff within your work environment – giving your business & employees peace of mind.

Crime deterrent

Reduce the risk of your business being a target with the presence of CCTV.

Reduce property premiums

Some insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if you have a functioning CCTV system in the place.

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Protect your business with state-of-the-art CCTV video monitoring.

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