Microsoft 365 Back-Up

Microsoft 365 Back-Up

With Microsoft 365 Cloud Back-Up technology you can instantly find and rapidly restore lost data, so you have total peace of mind, that your business can stay productive no matter what happens.

And with 6 snapshots daily, unlimited storage and retention – the back-up keeps pace with your business throughout the day.

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What is the Cloud Back-Up Suite for M365?

The M365 Cloud Back-Up Suite is a market-leading Microsoft 365 back-up solution for small businesses.

Alongside, being HIPAA and GDPR compliant – at no extra cost.

What does the Back-Up Suite for M365 offer?

The Cloud Back-Up Suite for M365 operates much like an insurance policy for critical productivity data – one which extends the Microsoft native data retention policies.

Specifically, it gives a powerful M365 back-up solution that protects all the key data used by small businesses – across the full tenant including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft 365 Back-Up

What type of data does the Microsoft 365 Back-Up Suite back-up?

It’s back-up scope includes the complete set of Microsoft 365 productivity data that small businesses rely on to collaborate, communicate and operate efficiently, from:

Microsoft 365 Back-Up

Exchange Online information (mail, calendars, contacts, notes, etc.)

SharePoint libraries and data

OneDrive files and folders

Data stores and used by Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams

Where are the back-ups stored?

You can choose your desired Microsoft Data Centre and your data will be stored on Microsoft Azure.
Data Centre Locations: Australia, Canada Central, Canada East, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, North Europe, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK South, UK West, West Europe.

Want to see Microsoft 365 back-up in action?

Standard M365 Portal v M365 + Cloud Back-up

Below shows a comparison chart of the data protection & data recovery features for Standard M365 Portal ‘v’ M365 + Cloud Back-Up, specifically for:

Microsoft 365 Back-Up
Microsoft 365 Back-Up

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Microsoft 365 Back-Up

Instantly find and rapidly restore lost data with Microsoft 365 Back-Up.

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