Consultancy & Audit

We’ll help you understand how technology can take your business to the next level

The right technology can transform your business, but effectively implementing a new solution can be risky. When digital projects fail, it is not necessarily due to the technology, but often problems with onboarding and delivery. Mitigate this with IT Consultancy & an Audit.

IT Consultancy & Technology can help you:

  • Connect your workforce
    The modern workforce is more mobile than ever. Everyone has a smartphone and other mobile devices which can be configured to work with your systems and maximise the productivity of your teams, wherever they are.

  • Embrace the cloud
    The cloud offers flexibility, control, and high-speed network connectivity at a low cost. It allows you to scale up and decrease capacity as and when you need.

  • Create a data strategy
    Data fuels business growth by delivering critical insights to help you make better decisions. We can help you capture and analyse that critical information.

Our team can review your processes, assess your goals, advise how technology can help you achieve them, and guide you through effective execution.  

GCC consultancy & auditing can improve your business, by identifying how & which technology can help address the business challenges and opportunities you face.  

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Grow your business

Grow your business

Every business is on a journey. We can help you identify your short and long-term goals and create a technology road map to help you achieve them.

This involves:

  • Selecting the technology
    Setting your goals and identifying the right technologies for your requirements.
  • Integrating with existing systems
    Ensuring new technology can work seamlessly with infrastructure and other systems.
  • Assessing your team
    Making sure your team have the right skills to utilise your technology.
Reduce risk

Reduce risk

All businesses involve risk – including the technology you use.

The more we rely on technology, the more exposed we are if things go wrong. We’ll work with you to mitigate risk and ensure your systems are reliable and effective.

Among the questions we’ll answer are:

  • Is your data safe?
  • Have you established redundancy systems?
  • Are you safe from network attacks?
  • Can you continue if one system fails?
  • How quickly can you be up and running again?


To address risk factors, firstly we assess your existing technology and systems.

We want to ensure you’re working on a strong foundation so that your system grows in a safe and sustainable way.

We’ll consider technical capacity, costs, resources and support resources.

When implementing technology, we’ll conduct thorough risk and impact assessments on your key operating systems, including risks of failure and the possible impact any issues might have.

Case studies

Find out for yourself how GCC have supported & guided customers when choosing & implementing IT solutions to support their business.

Medical Supermarket

GCC worked with Medical Supermarket noting their current situation and scoping their system requirements.

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Salisbury Cathedral

GCC worked with Salisbury Cathedral carrying out a strategic IT review.

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Dyaco UK

GCC carried out a full review of the accounts department’s process at Dyaco UK – recommending Sage 200 to address their inefficiencies.

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Strong Energy

GCC listened & understood all the requirements from Strong Energy when reviewing their IT system – providing a detailed review.

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Services – Professional Services

Professional Services can help ensure your product selection or IT roadmap makes most sense for your business.

GCC has the expertise and experience to guide you through your project.


Consultancy & Audit

GCC consultancy & auditing can improve your business, by identifying how & which technology you could be using.

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Design and Proof of Concept

A full design and proof of concept service ensures your IT implementation will be a success.

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Project Delivery

Collaborative project delivery means you know what to expect at every stage.

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Training provides your team with the support they need on any platform.

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