Design and Proof of Concept

Guaranteeing a successful IT implementation

Once you’ve chosen the IT solutions that best fit your needs, our experts will conduct a full design and proof of concept service to ensure your IT implementation plan will be a success. This ensures the technology you have chosen will meet your needs, while mitigating any unrealistic expectations.

IT implementation plan – how does it work?

As well as designing an implementation strategy to deliver the seamless integration of new technology into your business, we will deliver a full proof of concept document.

Using our expertise and what we know about your company, we will ask and answer key questions such as:

  • Is a concept feasible?
  • What obstacles stand in its way?
  • Can it be implemented practically in a commercially sustainable way?
  • Will it function as intended in the real world?

By carrying out this design and proof of concept, GCC can set expectations of what can be achieved with your IT implementation.

With GCC, you can be assured that we have mitigated the risk of having an overly ambitious project fall flat.

After your IT implementation we will then support you from our full-service support hub in Gloucester. And we offer a dedicated online customer support portal.

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Why is this needed?

Why is this needed?

Extensive planning at this stage helps us to:

  • recognise and overcome obstacles to delivery
  • mitigate any risks or unrealistic expectations
  • set out a detailed roadmap for successful implementation.

This in-depth planning also ensures the project delivery does not suffer from time or cost inefficiencies, due to delayed or unsuccessful implementation.

Work with us now to design the best set of IT solutions for your business – and ensure seamless delivery with GCC.

Case studies

Find out for yourself how GCC have supported & guided customers when choosing & implementing IT solutions to support their business.

Salisbury Cathedral

GCC worked with Salisbury Cathedral carrying out a strategic IT review – staging each step of the implementation.

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Insight Gloucestershire

GCC personalised the project for Insight Gloucestershire so it worked for their needs – and translated in a non-IT way.

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Medical Supermarket

GCC worked with Medical Supermarket scoping their system requirements – delivering a tailored implementation project.

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Beta Marine

GCC worked with Beta Marine – with full visibility of the project at every stage.

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Services – Professional Services

Professional Services can help ensure your product selection or IT roadmap makes most sense for your business.

GCC has the expertise and experience to guide you through your project.


Consultancy & Audit

GCC consultancy & auditing can improve your business, by identifying how & which technology you could be using.

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Design and Proof of Concept

A full design and proof of concept service ensures your IT implementation will be a success.

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Project Delivery

Collaborative project delivery means you know what to expect at every stage.

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Training provides your team with the support they need on any platform.

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