GCC Security Packs

GCC Security Packs

GCC encourage all organisations to constantly review their ‘IT Security and Security Policies’. The digital threats to organisations are not only increasing in number, but also in sophistication.

Last year alone Microsoft blocked more than 70 billion email and identity threat attacks.
Source: Microsoft, 2023.

To help protect organisations, GCC have developed a range of ‘Security Packs’:

Each pack adopts the latest Microsoft technologies, and other cloud-based services to manage, monitor and protect an organisation’s IT infrastructure & data.

The Base Pack provides an organisation with the essential protection on local devices, with security features such as: multi-factor authentication & Windows Defender Protection.

The step-up to the Pro Pack, provides the baseline security features, plus additional protection via enhanced email protection, and web browsing protection (along with other features).

The final pack – Pro Plus Pack – offers a comprehensive level of protection for an organisation.

The comparison chart below – lists the security features included in each of the GCC Security Packs.

Why do you need protection?

Industry research shows around 60% of cyber-attacks originate from local devices.
Source: Microsoft, 2023.

This alarmingly high figure, clearly demonstrates the need for organisations to provide advanced endpoint protection – ensuring all infrastructure & data is safe and protected.

How can you protect your organisation?

Cyber security is how an individual or organisation reduces the risk of a cyber-attack. The focus of cyber security is to protect the devices used and the services accessed, either online or on-premise.

The National Cyber Security Centre, recommends the below 10 steps to achieve cyber security:

IT Security Packs

In adopting one of GCC’s Security Packs you can address all the steps listed above – achieving cyber security – and peace of mind!

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GCC Security Packs

Below shows a comparison chart, listing the security features included in each of the GCC Security Packs: BASE PACK, PRO PACK & PRO PLUS PACK.

Contact the GCC Team, if you would like to discuss your security needs in more detail.

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Security Services protecting your business.

The threats to businesses are not only increasing in number, but also in sophistication. GCC Security Services ensures your business is protected and can stay productive no matter what happens.


GCC Security Base Pack

Providing your organisation with the essential level of protection.

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GCC Security Pro Pack

Providing the baseline protection for your organisation, plus additional security features.

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GCC Security Pro Plus Pack

Providing your organisation with a comprehensive level of protection.

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