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Here you will find all the information and links that you need to fully understand GCC’s support processes.

See how you can get the most from your support contract and quickly access helpful information.

We have detailed the various ways in which you can engage with the Service Desk, how you can log a support incident, track progress via a ticket number and provide us with valuable feedback on the service you’ve received.

We will also show you how to get the best out of the GCC online customer service portal, to both log and track incidents, whilst unlocking a wealth of information and training, using the documents and videos filed by solution area.

Service Desk Overview

The GCC service desk is designed to deliver four key user support services as follows:

  • Break-Fix – To facilitate rapid triage and resolution of the many types of incidents that can occur when using modern IT services and business applications.

  • Service Requests – Provide capacity for requests in the day-to-day administrative management of your IT systems.

  • Help and Advice – Provide day to day help and advice to ensure that all your users get the maximum value out of the installed IT systems.

  • GCC Pro-active – Monitor, patch and update systems, security and IT solutions proactively.

Each of the types of user support listed above is delivered by our service desk according to well established principles, originally based on ITIL standards (ITIL = Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

User Requests and Incidents

All user requests and incidents are categorised using a methodology where all incidents are reviewed for the severity of the incident. Severity levels are based upon ‘impact’ and ‘urgency’.

See below for further information on how request and incidents are reviewed and processed.

Note: In order for us to provide you with a quality service, please ensure anyone who contacts the service desk is familiar with this information prior to doing so and agrees to adhere to the procedures and guidelines within.


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How User Requests and Incidents are Reviewed

GCC User requests are reviewed for the severity of the incident. Severity levels are based upon ‘impact’ and ‘urgency’:

  • Impact – Effect, actual or potential of an incident on the business, a need to consider the  number of users affected, risk and financial losses.
  • Urgency – How long until the effect of the impact on the business becomes significant.

First Step

In order to start the support process, the first step is always to capture pertinent information on our service desk system which will help to track every incident and request. This initial activity can be activated in several ways as follows:

  • Fastest response – Log the incident online by accessing the customer support portal and entering the relevant information. As soon as the information is submitted the incident goes automatically to the top of the queue for resolution and allocation of a service desk technician.
  • Standard response – Send in an email or telephone the service desk. The service desk email inbox in regularly scanned and the information contained within the email is then used to create a service desk incident. There will sometimes be a need to email or telephone back to request further information before the problem can be fully registered. If there is a telephone call then the caller will be talked through the same form that appears on the online portal, to capture the relevant information

Next Steps – How is this processed?

1st Line Support – Initial triage and identification of the solution problem area and issue being experienced. First line support will register the incident on our tracking system and this will ensure nothing gets missed.

First line support can usually also provide the necessary capacity for day-to-day service requests, along with general help and advice. All requests for support, regardless of the solution in question, are logged on the same system and everyone on the GCC service desk can track and support a registered incident. It is at this stage that an incident is reviewed for the severity of the incident and the impact on the business.

Where possible the service desk will also point users to FAQs (Frequently asked questions) and KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) to help in explaining common issues and resolutions.

2nd Line Support – Anything other than a simple issue or service request will be passed to second line support for further analysis, diagnosis and resolution. When the incident is passed to Second line, the ticket is directed to different technical resolution groups that specialise in different IT solution areas.

3rd Line Support – Occasionally a complicated issue will require the use of our highest level of expertise and the 2nd line support staff have access to solution system specialists as required.

3rd Party Support – Our in-house support staff also have access to 3rd party support services, typically the manufacturer or vendor for the IT solution in question (ie Sage / Microsoft etc) along with other third-party specialists.

Final Step – Resolved

Once a solution has been found and the fault or error is resolved, the ticket status will be changed to ‘solved’.

Once the Customer has been notified that the Incident has been resolved, then unless the Customer notifies GCC otherwise, after 48 hours the ticket status shall be moved to ‘closed’.

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GCC Customer Support Portal

The GCC Customer Service portal lets you quickly access support as soon as you need it. As well as providing a direct line of communication between you and the GCC team.

Our quick response commitment mitigates costly disruptions to your operations.

We offer a variety of support services across the online incident portal, and we recommend all of our customers utilise the incident management portal.

Via our self-service portal you can:

  • Log support tickets
    Log a support ticket for your software, hardware, connectivity, or other IT system as soon as you need it.
  • Full ticket reporting management
    Open, edit and close tickets easily – plus you can view your complete incident reporting history.
  • Information & training resources
    Build your own expertise with a comprehensive library of online guides and documentation.
  • Service desk performance
    Access full company analysis of incident reporting history and assess service desk performance.

GCC will publish any updates to IT solutions and support services for users to view at their convenience.

As well as being a hub of information and self-service resources, the portal complements our service desk, with the capability to raise, monitor and manage support tickets.

Registering is quick and easy and provides your employees with 24/7 access to support material to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

A few of our delighted customers who use the Customer Online Portal

Services – Support Services

Support Services help your business and users run at peak efficiency.

GCC understand the pace and change when it comes to technology – GCC support ensures your business is making the most from its investment.


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The GCC customer online portal provides a direct line of communication between you and the GCC support team.

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