Sage 200 Support Boundaries

Sage 200 Support Boundaries

This Sage 200 support matrix aims to assist you with a quick reference guide as to what tasks or issues are typically included within a standard support contract and which would be considered additional consultancy.

This is by no means a definitive list of all tasks, but it does include the most commonly raised questions.

This matrix also corresponds to the support contracts offered by GCC.

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It is important to appreciate that whilst GCC service desk staff may have accountancy knowledge, they are not accountants. As such, they will only ever offer support and advice on the Sage 200 product, how it works, and how to get the best out of the software.

Whilst the service desk can offer advice on where you might find the differences between your Debtors/Creditors reports and Nominal Ledger balance, it is not the role of support to find these differences for you.

The service desk will offer you ways in which you can investigate how to identify differences. If you require further assistance, this would require consultancy on a chargeable basis.

Sage 200 requires a Microsoft SQL (database) Server to host the database, the MS SQL Server software and server it resides upon will be the responsibility of your internal IT support team or third-party IT support company. As will any database related backups or copies being made.

We are able to assist with SQL work such as creating copy companies and doing backups for year ends, but this would be consultancy work.

Where GCC support your infrastructure, we will provide you with additional SQL services as part of your dual-support.

GCC do not recommend accessing Sage 200 remotely unless it is via a properly configured Microsoft Terminal Services system or a Citrix remote desktop system. VPN access does not negate the need for a remote desktop services server.

We’re here to assist.

GCC Customer Online Portal

The GCC Customer Online Portal lets you quickly access support as soon as you need it. As well as providing a direct line of communication between you and the GCC team.

Our quick response commitment mitigates costly disruptions to your operations.

We offer a variety of support services across the online incident portal, and we recommend all of our customers utilise the incident management portal.

Via our self-service portal you can:

  • Log support tickets
    Log a support ticket for your software, hardware, connectivity, or other IT system as soon as you need it.
  • Full ticket reporting management
    Open, edit and close tickets easily – plus you can view your complete incident reporting history.
  • Information & training resources
    Build your own expertise with a comprehensive library of online guides and documentation.
  • Service desk performance
    Access full company analysis of incident reporting history and assess service desk performance.

GCC will publish any updates to IT solutions and support services for users to view at their convenience.

As well as being a hub of information and self-service resources, the portal complements our service desk, with the capability to raise, monitor and manage support tickets.

Registering is quick and easy and provides your employees with 24/7 access to support material to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

This video gives you an overview of the GCC IT Support Self Service Online Portal

Remove the headache of being supported by multiple vendors. And have one single point of contact for all IT & business application solutions with GCC Support. We know how important it is to have IT problems resolved as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to your day.

Contact us to see how we can support your users to make sure your business is getting the most from its IT.


I want you to know how much I appreciate your technical attention to the details.

You were brilliant in communicating the problem and the steps you were taking to solve it. Thank you!


Anunoy Mou, Institute of Risk Management

A few of our delighted customers who use the Customer Online Portal