Cloud computing is using software as a service over the internet as opposed to on your local desktops and servers.  In the cloud – all software, data and upgrades are managed by the online servers on which they are hosted rather than on your premises.

With GCC Cloud Services all business applications and infrastructure being used by your business can be provided by the cloud.

GCC offer a range of cloud services:

  • GCC Data Vault – Server
    The GCC data Vault managed service is a complete, automatic, cloud data backup service built by GCC Cloud Services and powered by Microsoft Azure datacentres.
  • GCC Web Protect
    Protect against web-based threats and get in control of your network internet activity with URL and web filtering managed by GCC.
  • GCC Cloud Signature for Office 365
    This multi-award-winning Office 365 signature management service enables organizations to centrally manage professional Office 365 signatures for all users sending emails from any device.

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