The GCC data Vault™ 365 managed service is a complete, automatic, cloud data backup service for Office 365 built by GCC Cloud Services and powered by Microsoft Azure datacentres

Simple and reliable data protection via a cloud-integrated backup and restore service

Plan 1 – Backup of all user mailboxes and shared mailboxes – Unlimited data

Plan 2 – Backup of all documents in SharePoint and OneDrive – Unlimited data

Totally automatic solution to protect all Office 365 mailboxes and documents.

99.9% availability guaranteed and underwritten by Microsoft

Retention – All data is kept indefinitely

Data points – Up to 6 backups per day

Secure – data is encrypted in transit and at rest – no charges for data transfer in or out

See here for Microsoft Datacentre policies, accreditations and specifications –

  1. Security –
  2. Privacy –
  3. Transparency –
  4. Compliance –
  5. Security Development lifecycle –


All prices include

  1. SETUP – Complete setup and configuration of a managed data back-up service.
  2. DATA VAULT – Unlimited Data storage space in Microsoft Azure Datacentres
  3. SUPPORT – Full ongoing GCC support (UK helpdesk) and management service.
  • Mail backup (Exchange) – all mailboxes must be included for pricing
  • Document backup (SharePoint & OneDrive) all enabled users are included for pricing
  • All data storage is billed per calendar month and collected via Direct Debit


Service Pricing
Mail Backup – 1-49 users £3.10p per mailbox per Month


Mail Backup – 50-99 users £2.95p per mailbox per Month
Mail Backup – 100+ users £2.75p per mailbox per Month
Document Backup – 1-49 users (SP + OD) £5.95p per mailbox per Month


Document Backup – 50-99 users (SP + OD) £4.95p per mailbox per Month
Document Backup – 100 + users (SP + OD) £3.95p per mailbox per Month

Unlimited Backup

Yup, unlimited. Backup your users Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data up to 6 times per day. All for one simple price, with no data limits

No data caps

GCC Data Vault™ 365 has no data caps or costly overage charges, unlike other solutions. For one simple price, we offer unlimited data storage for your users giving you peace of mind.


Unlimited retention

There is no catch! GCC Data Vault™ 365 offers unlimited retention for all files and emails. Data is retained for any legal or compliance requirements and organisational knowledge is not lost even when an employee leaves the organisation

Reliable and secure

GCC Data Vault™ 365 uses industry leading 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit in transit. Your data never leaves the Azure environment, which ensures all the internet security and compliance capabilities that Azure offers

6 – backups a day

GCC Data Vault™ 365 takes snapshots at regular intervals throughout the day. This ensures that your users can go about accessing Office 365 without any fear of disruption due to data loss


Easy Setup

Nothing to install locally, all mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business accounts are setup and backed up without disrupting users

Nothing to install

Traditional backup solutions require installation of software at the end user level and sometimes also require installation and maintenance of expensive hardware equipment. GCC Data Vault™ 365 uses revolutionary cloud to cloud backup technology that does not require end user action or expensive equipment to be installed.

Backup in minutes

With no complex configuration required, GCC Data Vault™ 365 brings a simple setup which means users are up and running in minutes without any interaction or interruption for the users

Set and forget

The auto-discovery feature adds new users and any new changes to your portal in real-time. This gives you peace of mind from day 1, ensuring that everything is added to the backup regime and saves having to manually make configuration changes thus reducing risk and errors

Control data store location

We understand that customers want more control over where and how their data is stored. GCC Data Vault™ 365 allows us to provide you with your own Azure storage area (at additional cost) and enables you to address data sovereignty

Lightning search and restore

Lightning fast search and immediate restore. Permissions respected and no file overwrites

Lightning fast search

GCC Data Vault™ 365 backup’s powerful search technology indexes and displays all documents in seconds allowing better end user service and file restore by giving consumer-search-like performance in an enterprise environment. Less downtime means improved efficiency

Quick restore

GCC Data Vault™ 365 cloud backup restores your data in seconds! The GCC helpdesk enables quick discovery and allows a speedy restoration of files.

Time machine

Do you sometimes wish you could time travel to reverse an action that deleted your data? Turn the clock back to get a snapshot and restore the data to a specific point in time. All of the file permissions and attributes will also be restored along with the data

No overwrites

With GCC Data Vault™ 365 backup you will never have to worry about file overwrites. GCC Data Vault 365 cloud backup ensures that the source file and versions do not already exist before it is restored. This ensures that any existing user data is not accidentally corrupted.