The GCC data Vault™ managed service is a complete, automatic, cloud data backup service built by GCC Cloud Services and powered by Microsoft Azure datacentres

Simple and reliable data protection via a cloud-integrated backup and restore service

  • Totally automatic solution to protect data on premise and in the cloud
  • 99.9% availability guaranteed
  • Retention options – rules are set up for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly retention options
  • Data points – Up to 3 backups per day and up to 99 years’ retention for data
  • Secure – data is encrypted in transit and at rest – no charges for data transfer in or out
  • Replicated backup to 3 different data areas (within Dublin or Amsterdam, UK avail. 2017)
  • Data storage is up to a maximum of 54TB per device

See here for Microsoft Datacentre policies, accreditations and specifications –

  1. Security –
  2. Privacy –
  3. Transparency –
  4. Compliance –
  5. Security Development lifecycle –


All prices include

  1. SETUP – Complete setup and configuration of a managed data back-up service.
  2. DATA VAULT – Data storage space in geo-replicated Microsoft Datacentres
  3. SUPPORT – Complete ongoing GCC support and management service.
  • All prices are ‘per device’ (ie per NAS, SAN or Server, wherever the source data is stored)
  • All data storage is billed monthly and collected via Direct Debit
Data volume per device Geo Redundant Storage(GRS)


Up to 500GB (min 20GB) £0.40p per GB per Month


Additional data over 500GB £0.07p per GB per Month

Standard setup and data migration utilising a customer’s bandwidth is included in above prices, if a seeding service with disk drives sent to the data centre is required, then there is a one-off cost -£449

Example               Customer has a server with 150GB = 150 x £0.40 = £60.00

Customer has a server with 1200GB = (500 x 0.40) + (700 x 0.07) = £249.00

Protect your critical assets wherever they are

Your data and applications are everywhere – on servers, clients and in the cloud. GCC Data Vault™ can protect your critical applications, including SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server; files and folders; Windows servers and clients; and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) virtual machines.

Compelling cloud-based backup alternative to tape

Due to business or compliance requirements, organisations are required to protect their data for years, and over time this data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. GCC Data Vault™ provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and up to 99 years of retention.

Secure and reliable backup as a service

Your backup data is secure over the wire and at rest. The backup data is stored in geo -replicated storage which maintains 6 copies of your data across two Azure data centres. With 99.9% service availability, GCC Data Vault™ provides operational peace of mind.

Efficient and flexible online backup services

GCC Data Vault™ is efficient over the network and on your disk. Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent at a defined frequency. Built-in features such as compression, encryption, longer retention and bandwidth throttling help boost IT efficiency.


The Detail –

Locally redundant storage (LRS). Locally redundant storage maintains three copies of your data. LRS is replicated three times within a single facility in a single region. LRS protects your data from normal hardware failures, but not from the failure of a single facility.

Geo-redundant storage (GRS). GRS maintains six copies of your data. With GRS, your data is replicated three times within the primary region, and is also replicated three times in a secondary region hundreds of miles away from the primary region, providing the highest level of durability. In the event of a failure at the primary region, GCC Data Vault™ will failover to the secondary region. GRS ensures that your data is durable in two separate regions.

Process for setting up a GCC Data Vault™ backup service

  1. Create a subscription – Set up a new subscription account for backup for a customer
  2. Create a new Backup Vault – per customer in the Microsoft Data Centre in the primary geographic region required.
  3. Select storage redundancy options – Then confirm GRS (default – changing this option at a later date will incur further costs) GCC always recommends GRS if you are using GCC Data Vault™ as the primary backup storage endpoint
  4. Authenticate the device – The windows machine is then authenticated with the data centre and the backup vault created using appropriate vault credentials after downloading the necessary components
  5. Install the Backup Agent – on any machine that requires a data backup facility. The cache location for the backup must have free space equal to at least 5% of the backup data. Configure relevant proxy settings for the backup service, download .NET framework 4.5 and Windows Powershell.
  6. Set up data encryption
  7. Set up backup schedule and retention policies

The relevant files that need backing up are identified with the end user and registered. The backup is initiated to start the initial data seeding to the data centre, at the same time managing the bandwidth utilisation.

At this time the backup schedule and the retention policy is defined and configured. The GCC technical team will discuss the most appropriate backup schedule, typically with backup points (recovery point) as follows


Daily retention policy: Backups taken daily are stored for 7 days.

Weekly retention policy: Backups taken every day at midnight and 6pm Saturday will be preserved for 4 weeks

Monthly retention policy: Backups taken at midnight and 6pm on the last Saturday of each month will be preserved for 12months

Yearly retention policy: Backups taken at midnight on the last Saturday of every March will be preserved for 10 years

The total number of “retention points” (points from which a customer can restore data) in the above diagram is computed as follows:

2 points per day for 7 days = 14 recovery points

2 points per week for 4 weeks = 8 recovery points

2 points per month for 12 months = 24 recovery points

1 point per year per 10 years = 10 recovery points

The total number of recovery points is 56.

The retention policy can be modified as required to meet the customer needs

The backup costs are a function of the backup frequency (granularity) and size of data that is backed up. It is an incremental backup of data and not a full snapshot every time there is a backup.

  1. Data transfer – There is no charge for the ingress or egress of data to and from the data centre.
  2. Data Encryption – Data encryption allows for secure transmission and storage of customer data in the public cloud. The encryption passphrase is stored at the source, and it is never transmitted or stored in Azure. The encryption key is required to restore any of the data, and only the customer has full access to the data in the service.
  3. On-going support – The GCC Data Vault setup is now complete and any questions can be addressed to the GCC helpdesk in the usual way.