Over the past 20 years, GCC has worked with many businesses like yours to realise the benefits of technology. Microsoft has now launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales to replace elements of the traditional CRM online

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Dynamics 365 CRM can make a huge difference to your business

We are confident that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the potential to make a real difference to your business. Using it, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalised service. Empower your employees with everything they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service – Find out how by contacting us now or click the button below to begin a free 30 day trial.

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Microsoft Dynamics Sales Functionality

scrn-crm-overview-salesSell effectively

Your customers know more than ever before—making buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey. We enable you to zero in, win faster, and sell more.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we help you reimagine sales around this new customer journey. Your sales reps can zero in and focus on the most impactful activities. You can win faster by making every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. And you can sell more with better insight, understanding, and pipeline confidence.

  • Meet customers anywhere, on any device
  • Work smarter to close more deals faster
  • Build your network and relationships
  • Empower your sales teams
  • Gain real-time sales insights
Microsoft Dynamics Service Functionality

scrn-multi-channel-serviceCare everywhere

Service expectations have changed forever. Social and mobile have transformed customers' expectations. Customers expect quality, personalized service, on their terms. We help you earn loyalty, empower agents, and drive resolution with amazing service -any time, via any channel.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can earn customers for life by providing relevant, personalised service—at any time and via any channel. Empower your agents with everything they need at their fingertips to deliver amazing customer service.

  • Offer service anytime, anywhere
  • Empower agents. Wow customers
  • Manage cases faster
  • Find the right answers at the right time
  • Engage on your customers' terms
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Functionality

scrn-crm-overview-marketingMarket smarter

Marketing needs are constantly changing. You need to engage customers in new ways across new channels, while showing the ROI of investments. We help you engage customers, build pipeline, and demonstrate impact. Marketers own more of the customer journey and must engage customers in new ways across new channels to deliver amazing experiences, while tracking the results of their marketing investments.

With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, we help you unleash your marketing potential. You can easily plan, execute, and measure campaigns from start to finish. Bring your marketing vision to life—engage customers across channels, build pipeline, and demonstrate the impact of your marketing.

  • Design your customer journey
  • Build sales pipeline. Drive revenue.
  • Streamline planning and execution
  • Listen and engage customers on social
  • Demonstrate your marketing impact
Microsoft Dynamics Social Functionality

scrn-crm-overview-socialSocial for everyone

Social insight can inform great customer experiences, ensuring that messages resonate while highlighting trends that impact your brand. But it shouldn't cost a fortune or be limited to a few—it should be part of everything you do.

In today's social and mobile world, businesses need to move faster and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. They also need to connect to customers on their terms, which increasingly means getting on social.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your sales, service, and marketing teams to deliver amazing customer experiences by empowering them with social tools built right into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Turn sentiment into opportunity
  • Move faster as a team
  • Engage on your customers' terms

Powerful CRM software also delivered as a cloud service; Dynamics CRM Online

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you get powerful CRM software delivered as a Cloud service from Microsoft, providing instant-on anywhere access, predictable pay-as-you-go pricing. Jump-start your CRM initiatives with a hosted CRM solution!

Find out if Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is right for your business by starting your free 30 day trial or contact GCC for more information.