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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft's CRM business management software, used by small, medium & enterprise sized companies to record sales-related data and to automate key business processes.  It maintains information on all sales opportunities. And it allows businesses to accurately forecast sales figures, on demand, to avoid guesswork and reduce administration.

Lead conversion
Automate and fully track leads from website acquisition to email.

Manage buyer journey
Manage and analyse your sales processes to maximise revenue and reduce admin.

Track sales opportunities
Report on sales team activity for leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities.

Customer management
Centralise and manage information about customers, from first contact to valued customer.

Dynamics 365 for Sales can be customised for your specific marketing needs and requirements.

Obtain day-to-day insights on sales activities/trends using interactive dashboards.

Your sales transformation starts here...

Sell smarter with embedded insights

Show next steps
Give your sales team contextual, embedded insights from Dynamics 365 for Sales that reveal the next, most appropriate, step to move the customer relationship forward.

Optimise your email engagement
Allow the sales team to be proactive and more responsive with their communications by knowing how customers interact with their emails

Keep a track of social trends
Provide the sales team with insightful social knowledge which track buyer sentiment and identify potential competitive threats.

Allow your sales team to build relationships
with personal, real engagement

Connect data and processes to enable relationship selling
Integrate data and processes between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales, so the sales team can review holistic relationship data and obtain the insights they need to build trust and manage relationships.

Get buying signals from your social media accounts
Obtain insights on which conversations to join and content to share, to seize opportunities or to engage buyers on social media.

Personalise your content
Allow your sales team to personalise and collaborate sales documents with Office 365 tools they know and that fit the way they work.

Enhance sales productivity with integrated tools

Intelligent guidance
Minimise user training and encourage user adoption with context-sensitive help and an intelligent sales process, which guides the sales team to the best outcome.

Simplify sales actions
Accelerate sales opportunities with a holistic management experience. Further increase sales productivity with familiar tools like Outlook and Word that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales features.

Stay informed
Enhance sales effectiveness by providing the sales team with an enriched view of leads, contacts and accounts that include contextual 3rd party segmented graphics, news, and compelling events for your B2C and B2B prospects.

Sell anywhere, anytime
Support work on the go, even when there’s no connectivity. Use a suite of modern mobile applications that provide relevant news, task flows and social data which increase usability.

Connect with partners
Recruit and strengthen your partner channels through deeper enablement. Offer partners shared access and up-to-date views of opportunities, cases, and other relevant information.

Stimulate sales performance

Shorten onboarding times
Ease ramp-up time for new salespeople. Ensure best practice encourages best sales behaviour and use interactive help and documentation features.

Improve sales efficiency
Achieve your numbers by setting targets and monitoring results. You can then investigate deviations from plan and take corrective action using analytical dashboards which pulls through 
real-time data.

VVisibility and insights
Gain insights with Dynamics 365 for Sales using real-time, interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities and natural language queries.

Motivate salespeople
Animate your sellers with enjoyable, team-based sales contests. Improve sales performance yet hold everyone accountable with a unique gamification solution that makes results highly visible.

React quickly
Speed your time-to-market and shape the application to your needs with visual (no code) editors and tools so that it is easy to build and deploy mobile and web applications.

Extend and connect
Use workflows across a range of Dynamics 365 applications for a unified experience.

Invest with confidence
Rely on the Microsoft and its cloud platform to reduce the complexity and cost of operating your own global infrastructure, and trust state-of-the-art Microsoft datacentres to keep your data safe.

Promote innovation
Transform customer interactions with insights provided by the embedded intelligence of Dynamics 365 for Sales which guides your teams to the best business results.

Chapter 1: Announcing Microsoft Dynamics 365
Chapter 2: Managing Finances Dynamically
Chapter 3: Improving Sales Dynamically
Chapter 4: Marketing Your Company's Future
Chapter 5: Servicing Customers the Dynamic Way
Chapter 6: Dynamic Considerations
Chapter 7: Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Chapter 8: 10 Dynamic Ways to Improve Business Operations

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