If your business depends upon IT to underpin your operations, performance and success, GCC support could help you to achieve more. GCC support is powered by our state-of-the-art, cloud-based management and monitoring platform, GCC perform™ which, together with our in-house helpdesk team, ensures that everything is up-to-date, secure and running as it should. 

So what will GCC support deliver –   

  1.  Business continuity. With GCC support, your IT – and therefore your business –  will run smoothly and efficiently, without problems or hassle. In simple terms, this means less downtime, more uptime, happy employees – with GCC support you have peace of mind. 

  2. Security. Data security has three main aspects: ensuring that your data is backed-up and cannot be lost; making sure only the right people access the right data and finally ensuring that viruses, malware and other threats are blocked. The implications of any security breach are serious and must be properly addressed.  

  3. Efficiency and productivity. If you are planning for business and profit growth, the efficiency and productivity savings that can be delivered by properly-managed IT are essential – leading to bottom line growth 

  4. Competitive edge. If planned and used correctly, IT can help drive business effectiveness and competitive advantage – leading to top line growth 

So why GCC support –  

  1. Local – We are the region’s leading IT service provider to SME businesses 

  1. Experienced – We have over 20 years’ experience and successful relationships, working with more than 500 SME businesses in this region 

  1. Partnerships – We have long-term partnerships and accreditations with leading vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Sage 

  1. Understanding – We are business led, technology driven, people centric:  so we understand the needs of business and people first, and make technology work for them   

“The IT expertise is important – but the business understanding, customer service and human touch are what really make the difference” (Wood Energy) 

To find out how GCC could help your business to achieve more, please read on or contact us now or complete the short form below.