The strides in cloud technology are undoubtedly a positive. However, an area that becomes far harder to manage is licensing. How many Office 365 licenses do you have? How many are you actually using? When does my Sage 200 license expire? At GCC we understand these challenges and opportunities and provide complete licensing management for your business.

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Manage all license renewals

You have an important board meeting, you need data from your analyst, they ask a new member of staff to mine the data, and you hit a roadblock. They can’t access anything because they don’t have a license. The result; time spent either online or on the phone getting this new license or extra work for the analyst. With GCC, our dedicated team will proactively monitor all of your licenses, on-premise and in the cloud, ensuring business as usual at all times. In addition, we’ll identify any future opportunities. If you have 30 licenses currently paid for but not being utilised, we’ll suggest you change plans based on our findings.

Manage all warranties

We also make the process of managing all hardware warranties and software upgrades painless and straightforward, With GCC you can remove any uncertainty your business may have. Ring up our dedicated team and we’ll manage any confusion for you. We’ll tell you your exact status of your warranties, what is coming up and what needs to be done.Save