We believe buying a new laptop or new version of Microsoft Office or an additional Sage license shouldn’t be a chore. It should be easy and convenient for your business. At GCC we understand that procurement can be time consuming and potentially confusing with so many technical components and configurations to choose from and a rapidly changing technology base.

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Procurement experts

GCC has been procuring hardware and software for well over 20 years, in that time we’ve bought many, many, servers, PC’s and both operational and business application software. We know what to look for, we know what the technical specifications mean. At GCC we believe it is our role to act as translator and ensure you get the hardware or software you need at a price you can afford. More specifically, GCC has developed a tight methodology for handling the process of desktop and laptop replacements and upgrades. Our PC procurement service ensures there’s no downtime when a machine is replaced. The replacement service includes an off–site build and run test of the PC, which includes software decompression and configuration of key parameters. It then also includes a site install (physically on-site or via remote takeover) to ensure that the end user is correctly joined in to the domain, can see and use the relevant network printers and is given basic instructions on operation of key software.

Standard build services

We know the time it can take to configure a new laptop or PC to suit a particular business. At GCC we eliminate this problem. Working with you, we gather your specific requirements and pre-configure your new hardware to a defined specification including the installation of any specific software clients required. Our standard build service incorporates a 50-point checklist and we have build profiles personalised for each customer. Whether it’s one new printer, or fifty new Microsoft Surface Pro’s, we can procure exactly what you want to predefined standards.

Competitive SLAs

When you order any new hardware we promise a speedy supply and installation. We have dedicated staff just for managing laptop and desktop procurement, supply and configuration. Our goal is to remove those wasted hours you can spend chasing orders and correcting technical specifications. We believe it’s important to keep cost down and productivity high. What is more we provide guaranteed quotes and documented component delivery SLAs.

Technology Partnerships

We have partnerships with the best of the best when it comes to purchasing of hardware. We can fulfill any requirement quickly and confidently. We have dedicated account managers within the main distribution networks. Here are some of the main Brands we work with and ship on a daily basis:Save