Our goal at GCC is to support your business as it grows. We want to provide the tools and services that will make the transition from an SME to a large organisation simple.  With GCC perform™ we offer a unique support platform, developed by GCC, tailored to our client’s needs. It enables the delivery of many of our core services, and is based on our vast experience operating in this field. GCC Perform™ provides industry leading cloud management of your supported Business software and IT platform.


GCC Perform – A comprehensive offering

GCC perform™ is our own custom offering, a GCC designed, unique, dedicated cloud support platform that powers our support services. With GCC perform™ in place our clients know they have a winning combination of leading edge technology and hard won industry experience. GCC perform™ manages device patches and updates, software delivery, and comprehensive monitoring. It also allows our clients to understand how their support service is running, providing insightful management reporting.

GCC perform takes care of all components of the IT systems within your business and uses automation that frees up your time, your resources and your budget. GCC perform™ is broken down into four key activities:

  • Patching and Update Service – GCC perform™ provides daily checks on your anti-virus software and Microsoft operating systems.
  • Monitoring and Alert Service – GCC perform™ proactively issues identification for hardware and software which needs repairing and/or updating, alerts the GCC helpdesk who can often fix an issue before it becomes a problem.
  • Application Deployment – With GCC perform™, simply tell us which applications an employee requires and we will install them directly onto desktops and devices. Once deployed, self-serve updates steer configuration.
  • Reporting and Auditing – GCC  perform™ provides a comprehensive overview of your assets under cover and operating statistics including items such as comparisons with prior months settings.