The GCC Support Helpdesk, based in the heart of Gloucestershire, is on hand to answer any questions our clients may have. Our friendly UK team are IT experts who provide help over the phone or via remote access.

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Fixing issues directly, via our expert team

Working between 8am and 6pm with the telephone helpdesk open between 8:30am and 5:30pm, our Support Helpdesk know how important it is for a client to work without issue and without disruption. So whether it’s adding new users, changing security levels, a problem with your device or an issue with your networks and infrastructure, our Support Helpdesk will ensure it’s business as usual for your company.

Complementing our Support Helpdesk is the GCC web support portal. Available 24/7, report a problem quickly and easily by submitting a web ticket through the portal and then track the status at any time.

On a day to day basis the GCC helpdesk activities are split down in to three main operational areas

  1. Incident resolution – if you have a problem or issue, you contact the helpdesk by telephone, web portal or email and we fix the problem
  2. Pro-active care – because we monitor 24/7 all the servers, desktops and laptops that we support, we often can spot that something is not working correctly before our client does, we aim to fix as many issues as possible before there is any impact on operations.
  3. Service requests – sometimes you just need a little help or support with a question, or the IT systems may be working but you need a password reset or a security setting change.

All minor service requests such as these are covered under the core GCC support service:

  • Continuous communication – As a minimum, whenever an incident is logged you will get an email to confirm all details have been captured, an email when an engineer commences work on your issue and an email when our engineer has resolved the issue. Sometimes our technical staff can fix an issue without having to discuss the issue directly, but we promise you’ll always be kept informed.
  • Remote takeover – GCC support uses the latest cloud technology to both monitor your IT systems and effect a remote takeover of any asset that has a problem to speed up resolution. Over the years we’ve found that it’s often much better to take over a machine rather than trying to talk someone through an issue.
  • Information updates – GCC support includes regular updates from the client services team and a periodic face to face review with an account manager to ensure we’re delivering the best service possible.