More than 90% of hacking attacks begin with phishing or spear-phishing emails, making it easily one of the top attack vectors for cyber criminals. These schemes are common because:

  • They're easy. Even novice criminals can execute a phishing scheme.
  • They're flexible. Email schemes can be used to deliver malicious payloads (like ransomware), steal user credentials, steal important customer data, and instigate phony money transfers.
  • They're valuable. Phishing schemes cost companies well over half a billion pounds each year in fraudulent transactions, lost data, revenue, and productivity.
  • We're really bad at stopping them.  They prey on our "click first" mentality and the onslaught of emails we skim through on a daily basis.

​Cyber Security Awareness Email Templates​

​​The best method of prevention is education and awareness. Therefore GCC have created a few email templates for you to send around your business to give users a basic overview of each method and best practice in line with your company's internet policy.