Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a total solution for growing businesses, when integrated with other Microsoft services like Azure and Office 365. No capital expenditure is required, as you can ‘pay as you go.'

The perfect partners for NAV are Microsoft Azure – the Microsoft cloud platform – and Office 365, which provides Microsoft Office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook in the ‘cloud’ (that is, over the internet.)

The benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the cloud with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 include a more flexible IT infrastructure and reduced costs. Because the software is ‘in the cloud’ rather than held on a server on your premises, it is more reliable, more secure and can be scaled to reflect the size of your business easily and cost-effectively.  

Your people will be able to work more productively and flexibly, as the entire system can be accessible from desktops, laptops and other devices anywhere that has an internet connection – on the road, at home or even customers offices.

The benefits of this integrated approach can be summarised as:

  • Bring your email, calendar and files together with your data, reports and business management software.
  • Share the big picture and get one-click access to the details
  • Stay productive with secure, anytime, virtually anywhere access
  • Simplify your day with one password and one user experience
  • Free your IT resources to focus on driving business growth

Importantly for a growing business, all this can be paid for on a monthly basis, eliminating the need for capital expenditure. You pay only for what you need and monthly costs reflect the number of users.