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GCC Group of Companies – offering IT support & IT Solutions

The GCC Group is an award-winning provider of technology and cloud services, and IT support. We own and operate Perfect Dynamics, CentrePoint Software and Ivocom and we have joined up the top skills and expert capabilities from each organisation to create one complete offering for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout the UK. GCC provide IT Support & IT Solutions.

Our full range of managed IT solutions, driven by the latest cloud services and support:

Our full range of managed IT solutions, driven by the latest cloud services and support:

Across our combined specialisms we offer SMEs a complete package of IT solutions and services, including business applications for accounting, finance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as well as Microsoft technology solutions to improve collaboration, communication and productivity.

We deliver secure technology solutions, services, and support with particular focus on Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and Sage.

Our aim is to help your organisation achieve tangible benefits, whilst improving the experience and effectiveness of your people at work.

Our mission is to offer everything you need to maximize the return on your IT investment.

GCC Group purchases Ivocom Ltd to increase telephony capabilities

GCC Group purchases Ivocom Ltd to increase telephony capabilities

GCC Group Acquires Ivocom Ltd

Leading IT solutions and services company GCC expands communications offering with the purchase of telephony specialists Ivocom Ltd.

The strategic acquisition by GCC follows the launch of Microsoft 365 Business Voice telephony functionality and further enhances the integrated communications offering from GCC. Ivocom brings specialist telephony and IP infrastructure expertise to GCC, enabling them to deliver the tried and tested Zultys MX cloud telephony solutions and the exciting new Microsoft telephony service, offering cost-effective communications for SME customers.

Founded in 2005 by a group of engineers from MessageLabs (now part of Symantec), Ivocom delivers highly technical services in voice and data traffic over LAN and WAN networks. The acquisition of Ivocom’s expertise and resources enables GCC to deliver expanded services in:

  • Telephony
  • CCTV
  • Connectivity

Vincent Salva, CEO, Ivocom said: “This is a great opportunity for Ivocom and GCC teams to integrate and work together delivering state of the art telephony solutions for the whole SME customer base. We are excited to combine our skills in telephony and CCTV with the growing remit of GCC to offer our existing customers a complete package of IT services and technology solutions.”

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC said: “The acquisition of Ivocom extends our leading portfolio of services and solutions. GCC can now deliver all the technology requirements that a modern SME would need to complete their digital transformation and their journey into cloud-based IT infrastructure. It is extremely encouraging that we’ve continued to grow our business during the COVID period, and it is clear that now, more than ever, technology is the key driver for every successful business. I look forward to an increased trajectory as we scale up.”

GCC Group purchases Perfect Dynamics Ltd to expand Microsoft Dynamics offering

GCC Group purchases Perfect Dynamics Ltd to expand Microsoft Dynamics offering

GCC Group have acquired Perfect Dynamics Ltd

This acquisition sees GCC group continue to expand its capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and grow its team of highly skilled staff.

Perfect Dynamics was founded in 2012 by a group of Microsoft Dynamics consultants and it has grown to become an expert resource in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for its customer base.

This acquisition sees GCC Group absorbing an existing customer base, as well as further developing its versatile offering of technology solutions and services.

Perfect Dynamics is teamed by experienced consultants and developers who will expand the Microsoft Dynamics 365 capacity ad skillset of the GCC Group as a whole.

Dalius Kynsius, co-founder and CTO, Perfect Dynamics, said: “This is a great move for both Perfect Dynamics and GCC Group. Our team will be able to support even more customers seeking Microsoft Dynamics expertise, as well as contributing to a broad spectrum of solutions already on offer with GCC. We are looking forward to a successful future as one team.”

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “This is an excellent time to be accelerating our skillsets as Microsoft are expanding their Dynamics cloud business applications substantially. Our focus has always been on cloud-based solutions, and as Microsoft continues to offer new cloud-based technology, we will continue to seek the knowledge and resources to offer the best solutions to our customers. This is why the expertise of the Perfect Dynamics team is an excellent fit for GCC Group.”

GCC Group purchases CentrePoint Software Ltd, A top London-based Sage partner

GCC Group purchases CentrePoint Software Ltd, A top London-based Sage partner

GCC Group have acquired CentrePoint Software Ltd

With this acquisition, GCC Group has a well-established base in London, and has gained a new customer-base to serve with an increasing suite of cloud-based technology solutions and IT services.

CentrePoint Software Ltd was founded in 1992 and has been supplying, implementing, and supporting Sage 50 and Sage 200 since their inception. As a result of their success and leadership in Sage expertise, CentrePoint have been awarded the distinction of being one of just a small number of Sage Platinum Elite Partners.

For GCC, this acquisition brings a highly reputable team of Sage experts, and it also enables the CentrePoint team to expand the portfolio of services they can offer to their existing customers. GCC provides expertise in areas such as Azure hosting services for Sage systems and Microsoft 365 expertise.

Ian Selvan, MD and Founder, CentrePoint Software Ltd, said: “Joining the GCC Group is a positive and significant step for our existing customer base. As part of GCC Group, our team will improve service performance and resilience while delivering access to a wealth of additional solutions.”

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “I am pleased to welcome CentrePoint to the GCC Group. The combination of CentrePoint and GCC, which have each been trading since 1992, brings an unrivalled experience and depth of knowledge to the while UK customer base. The GCC Group now supports over500 customers with Sage and Microsoft ERP solutions – and I look forward to continue expanding our offering to provide everything our customers need.”

GCC Group revolutionises its IT support function

GCC Group revolutionises its IT support function

GCC has revolutionised its IT support function to create a proper Managed Services Partner (MSP) structure and automate monitoring, patching, and reporting of PCs and servers.

Working with sponsors of this service Microsoft, GCC has rebuilt its entire service desk function, implementing Dynamics CRM as a management tool for PC, server, and network management.

Major upgrades have been made to service desk workflows and policies to improve service levels and efficiency. On top of this there have been significant investments in ITIL based training.

GCC Group invests in cloud technology

GCC Group invests in cloud technology

GCC has been invited to be an early adopter of the latest Microsoft cloud technology, Microsoft Azure. This was launched by Microsoft in February 2010 in the USA.

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “We are pleased to have been invited by Microsoft to be early adopters of their latest technology, Microsoft Azure. We are delighted to be able to deliver this along with the latest CRM technology, Dynamics 365, to our customers.”

GCC wins Microsoft cloud champion status

GCC wins Microsoft cloud champion status

As part of the focus on embracing cloud-based technology initiated by Chris Harthman, GCC has become one of the early adopters of the new cloud email software as a service.

Initially called BPOS, this service later became better known as Office 365.

GCC was one of the first Microsoft Partners in the UK SME marketplace to allocate 500 monthly licences and were awarded ‘Cloud Champion’ status for their achievement.

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “This is great news for the team. It is excellent to see that our new focus on cloud-based technology is proving popular with our customers – and I am also delighted that the hard work of our team in engaging our customers on this subject has been recognised. I look forward to continuing our success in working with the very latest technology.” 

GCC becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner

GCC becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner

GCC has been awarded the highest possible accolade of Microsoft Gold Partner.

As a Microsoft partner since 1992, GCC has continued to focus on cloud-computing and has made an extensive investment in training, particularly around the Microsoft technology stack. This has resulted in GCC achieving the highest possible level of partner possible with Microsoft.

Being a Gold partner is hugely important for the GCC customer base because it means that GCC have direct access to a huge range of resources and technical expertise with Microsoft.

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “Our partnership with Microsoft is hugely important to our customers to fulfil our continued offering of the latest cloud-based technology. It is a great honour to have achieved Gold Partner status and we will strive to continue this excellent relationship moving forward.”

GCC acquired by Chris Harthman

GCC acquired by Chris Harthman

GCC has been acquired by Chris Harthman who has been a customer of GCC for a number of years in his remit as an owner and founder of a range of SME businesses.

As well as providing an injection of funds to the company, Chris brings SME insight and expertise which enabled him to restrategise and bring clear direction to GCC moving forward. Under Chris’ leadership, GCC will now offer its customers:

Chris Harthman, Chief Executive, GCC, said: “My experience working with GCC as a customer led me to appreciate the team as an excellent group of technical experts with invaluable specialist skills. Now that we have clarified our focus moving forward, I am looking forward to achieving our potential as market leaders in providing IT solutions and cloud-based technology services.” 

GCC acquires specialist bespoke software development company, Matrix IT

GCC acquires specialist bespoke software development company, Matrix IT

In 2003, GCC acquired bespoke software development company, Matrix IT.

The acquisition saw the integration of a bespoke software development team, along with new skills in database technologies such as SQL.

These new SQL database skills supported GCC’s transition to using the latest systems including Sage MMS and later Sage 200 which ran on an SQL database.

This acquisition also facilitated the completion of software development for major customers such as the Department of Justice.

Founder and MD, Matrix IT, Bob Keightley said: “Working with GCC has enabled our team to provide their specialist skills and services to a broader range of customers, while improving and expanding the offer to our pre-existing customers. Integrating our own skillset within the GCC offering has increased the capabilities of the team as a whole.” 

GCC becomes one of the first UK partners for Citrix

GCC becomes one of the first UK partners for Citrix

In 1996, GCC became a UK partner for nascent company ‘Citrix’ which was founded in Texas in 1989.

By using Citrix, GCC were delivering Sage screens remotely over modems, which SMEs used to process data remotely.

Becoming a UK partner for Citrix in 1996 established GCC as an innovative, technology-led company, bringing enterprise technology to UK SME marketplace.

GCC is founded by Eddie Webb and John Hodgson

GCC is founded by Eddie Webb and John Hodgson

GCC was founded in 1992 by Eddie Webb and John Hodgson. Originally focussing on Sage midmarket software, GCC was a Sage partner for Sage Sovereign, a Disk Operating System (DOS) based software, which later became Sage Line 100, then Sage MMS, and most recently Sage 200.

Eddie Webb came from a wide area networking background, connecting IBM mainframe computers in the days when a 9600 Baud modem was considered state-of-the-art. By 1996 GCC were utilising 56k modems and Citrix to deliver remote access for UK SMEs.

John Hodgson had an accounting background, and was the driving force behind adopting Sage accounting software running on Windows PCs.