Cloud computing

Grow your business sky-high with the cloud

Grow your business sky-high with the cloud

Cloud computing tools are fast, flexible, secure and reliable.

The cloud allows your employees to access all the operational apps and software they could need, from anywhere, as well as collaborate with colleagues, and securely store large quantities of data.

The cloud is more than just IT. It’s about people, tools, and skills.

At GCC, we can help you embrace the cloud and use it to supercharge your business operations for the digital workplace.

Cloud products:

Microsoft Azure   |   Microsoft 365   |   Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a virtual on-demand data centre, providing secure storage for data as well as apps, software, tools, and resources which can be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud computing allows businesses to manage data in an agile way without having to invest in large quantities of onsite data storage.

It has transformed the way businesses work and collaborate and is an irrefutable solution for the modern business.

Our experienced experts work with you to build a roadmap to make cloud implementation quick, efficient, and straightforward for your whole business.

We can facilitate training to ensure your employees are getting the most out of the cloud technology.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

With the cloud you can:

  • Accelerate business transformation
    Streamline operations and manage risk to drive business innovation and growth.
  • Access data remotely
    Ensure everyone who needs to, can access key resources on the go.
  • Move beyond migration
    Develop a business strategy to maximise cloud opportunities.
  • Leverage digital innovation
    Improve experiences for customers and staff through the cloud.

Cloud products:

Microsoft Azure   |   Microsoft 365   |   Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Benefits of the Cloud


Manage large amounts of data at a fraction of the cost of onsite storage.


Work in an agile way with teams in multiple locations.


Securely store data in the cloud to protect information from loss or disruption.

Stay up to date

Get constant software updates for the latest in cloud computing.

Saves time

Accessing everything through the cloud saves time and streamlines processes.

A single version of the truth

Multiple people can work on one document at the same time.


Employees can collaborate through the cloud from anywhere, on any device.


Benefit from world class security delivered by the best cloud providers.

Enterprise grade tech

Best-in-class technology for SMEs at an affordable price.

Customer testimonials

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Medical Supermarket invests in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a system that’s accessible in the cloud.

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GCC helps Beta Marine with Microsoft Office 365 – enabling users to access systems from a range of devices, on and off site.

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Workplace Modernisation

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Productivity Tools

Boost productivity with next generation technology.

As a business ensure that every working hour is returning as much revenue as possible.

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The cloud is more than just IT.

Cloud computing tools are fast, flexible, secure and reliable – accelerating your business.

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Flexible Working

Leverage the latest technology to benefit from flexible working potential.

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