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Leverage the latest technology to benefit from flexible working potential - Work from anywhere!

Leverage the latest technology to benefit from flexible working potential – Work from anywhere!

Work from anywhere and flexible working has been a growing trend globally, with more companies embracing the latest technology to facilitate remote working solutions and arrangements, more recently driven by necessity throughout the COVID pandemic.

Technology has liberated people to work from anywhere, on any device.

For businesses, the benefits of flexible working have included increased productivity, improved employee engagement, and a drive to seek innovative solutions through new technology.

Flexible working products & services:

Microsoft Azure   |   MX Cloud   |   Microsoft 365   |   GCC Security

What is flexible work?

What is flexible work?

Cloud technology has made it possible for employees to work remotely and collaborate with colleagues from any device, in any location.

Facilitating remote work expands the talent pool for recruitment on a global scale, rather than just individuals within commuting distance.

From access to cloud-based apps and software, to communication and collaboration tools, flexible working allows employees to work from home, a café, or even a beach, as long as there’s Wi-Fi.

Increased connectivity can help individuals to achieve a better work-life balance – flexible working arrangements empower employees to fit work around their daily lives, not the other way around.

What are the challenges of flexible working?

What are the challenges of flexible working?

Flexible working solutions must address the following factors which pose the greatest challenges:

  • Security
    Ensuring all data is encrypted and secure.
  • Data protection
    Keeping data safe and compliant with all regulations.
  • Technology
    Ensuring employees have the right technology for their requirements.

Flexible working products & services:

Microsoft Azure   |   MX Cloud   |   Microsoft 365   |   GCC Security

Benefits of Flexible Working

Staff happiness

Employees increasingly choose jobs which fit into their lifestyle.

Expanding talent pool

Flexible working allows you to recruit from any location.

Greater productivity

Studies suggest flexible working increases productivity.

Reduced commuting time

No commute means more time spent focusing on work.

Reduced staff turnover

People value employers that value them and their time.


Talented job applicants will choose companies which offer better flexibility.


Staff are more engaged with their work and with each other.


Teams can collaborate in a range of ways to improve performance.

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Flexible Working

Leverage the latest technology to benefit from flexible working potential.

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