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How to boost productivity with keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


As well as the widely used Windows keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + C (to copy some text) and CTRL + V (to paste some text), Dynamics CRM also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be used within the application.

See if you can boost your productivity by building some of these into your daily use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

What are these productivity boosting keyboard shortcuts?

We’ve put together a list of the favourite keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This will help boost productivity and efficiency.

Enter or Space bar
Used on a table form this activates the selected control, or opens a list
if on an option or related record lookup field.

Arrow buttons
Moves up or down through a list of options on an option or look up field (press
enter or space to select the active option).

Saves the record that you are currently in.

Cancels the editing of a record and closes the record.

Tab or Shift + Tab
Move through a form to the next (or previous) field.

Alt + Left Arrow
Go back a page (this works for most web pages too).

Select all the text in a select field (this also works in most other Windows
applications as well).

Select multiple records on a list, by selecting the top most record that you require,
pressing shift, and then selecting the bottom most record.

What about control specific keyboard shortcuts?

Different control types offer a few more options. For example, when on an Editable Grid Control, you can use the arrow keys to move up, down and across the records, between different fields on the editable grid.

When the correct field is selected, use the Space bar to make a field in the grid editable and Esc to cancel any changes.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Dynamics

When a Date/Time field has been selected, pressing Enter will open the date picker, Esc will close the date picker and you can use Tab and the Arrow keys to move through the dates.

You’ll then need to press Enter to select the date that you want.

Additional Information

You can find details on all the Keyboard shortcuts available within Dynamics CRM here.

If you’re running iOS instead of Windows the shortcuts will be different, but most should have an equivalent on iOS.

Further Information

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