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How to find a transaction or an account based on specific text in Business Central


There is a new search function that can quickly display results based on your text criteria in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This new functionality enables you to search for text, numbers, or a combination of them both, in documents and accounts using the new Search in data field.

Where can I find the Search in data field functionality?

This new ‘Search in data field’ can be found on the home page of the Business Manger role, as shown below:

Search in data field in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Alternatively, you can use the Tell Me option in the top right-hand corner to find it, by typing “search in company data”.

Tell me Search in data field in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

TIP: You can then bookmark the ‘Search in company data’ option, for easy access next time.

Bookmark in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

How do I use the Search in data field functionality to find a transaction or account?

Once you have navigated to ‘Search in company data’ area, you can enter the keywords you’d like to search on.

The search will look for occurrences of the text you have entered, and show results grouped by type of account and type of entries where this text exists. The search will happen in the background, going through each table one at a time.

The search results begin to appear after it has finished searching in each table.

Below is an example of a search for “tiles” on a test system. The results page shows the three most recently updated records.

Search in company data preview Business Central

NOTE: Selecting the same search result multiple times will increase the popularity of the table in Business Central, and it will appear higher in the results. This means that the record will be found more quickly if you search for it in the future.

Further Information

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