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How to quickly visualize data using automated Power BI Reports in Dynamics 365 CRM


The ‘Visualize this view’ button opens up a whole new world of interactive and powerful reporting using the PowerBI reporting tool.

Visualize view in Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft makes this tool available to all users, with no additional licensing or setup costs.

NOTE: This feature does have limited capabilities. Full calculations and aggregates are available in the Power BI App, but the sharing and scheduling of reports does need a Power BI license.

However, this quick visualisation tool is developing and changing as we speak. Watch the space!

Making it Simple 

By simply clicking on the ‘Visualize this view’ button, the system will take the data in the view (columns and filters) and apply a range of charts it thinks is suitable.

Below shows an automated report on Active Accounts:

Automated reports in Dynamics 365 CRM

Selecting the data

By checking and unchecking data columns, you are ‘telling’ Power BI what data is interesting to you.

Select data for Power BI in Dynamics 365 CRM

By clicking within a chart area, you are adding a filter to the data.

In the example below, CRM user Darren Bailey was selected.

Result: All other charts are now highlighting and showing data where Darren is the Owner. There is also a Filter pull out tab to enable you to perform more complex filtering.

Adding filters to CRM data

Customising the Charts

Clicking on the edit button opens up a panel, which gives you the opportunity to change the chart type and fields used on the X- and Y-axis. 

Editing data in Dynamics 365 CRM Power BI

The aggregate (sum, max, count, etc) can be found on the ellipsis menu of the field list. If the system finds a numeric value (e.g., Quantity Ordered) it will default to doing a sum of the values.

NOTE: At the moment, it is not able to sum currency fields (e.g., Estimated Revenue). These features are available in the Power BI App.

Aggregate data in Dynamics 365 CRM

Additional Information

Additional information can be found on the Microsoft learn page: Visualise your data quickly.

Further Information

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