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How to record a call in MX Cloud using on-demand call recording

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Even if your system is set up for automatic call recording, there are times when you may want to record a call for your own, or your Team’s reasons.

It could be:

  • To update, or double check, the associated call notes
  • Avoid having to ask the caller to repeat information
  • As a means of seeking clarification on best practices
  • To be able to attach notes to a CRM record

There are numerous reasons but often the desire to start recording a call can originate once a call has begun.

With MX Cloud, you can trigger an on-demand call recording and the whole call (or at least whilst you are a participant) will be recorded and available in your voice mailbox.

How do I do this?

1. While on a call click the Record button.

In ZAC Compact Mode this will look like this:

Record a call in MX Cloud

And when using ZAC in Expanded mode it will look like this:

Call recording in MX Cloud

2. Once call recording is in progress, the screen will change to red, and the label will update to say Cancel rec:

Call recording in progress MX Cloud

3. Continue the conversation and when finished simply hang up the call as normal.

NOTE: If you want to cancel the recording during the call, click the cancel rec icon whilst the call is in progress. The recording is cancelled and will not be saved.

Call recording in progress ZAC

4. Once you have ended the call, several notifications will appear indicating you have a new call recording.

New recording notification in MX Cloud
Popup notification
New voicemail in MX Cloud
New voicemail indication
New Recording indicator in the voicemail area MX Cloud
New Recording indicator in the voicemail area

5. Click on the Recordings Tab and press Play to listen to the call recording.

The view and available options are the same as for Voicemails.

Voicemail options in MX Cloud

Additional Information

The Importance of Active Role when using On-Demand call recording

When using the on-demand call recording feature, calls will be recorded based upon your “Active Role” at the time the call record button is pressed.

Therefore, if your active role is set to your own user role, then any recorded calls will be available in your own Voicemail Recordings Tab. This means the recording will only be available to yourself, and any other users who have been assigned by the System administrator to view on-demand call recordings.

When your active role is set to a Call Group Role, the call is recorded as you being a member of the call group, and the call recording is saved, and available to all members of the Call Groups Voice mailbox.  This means any comments added to the call recording will also be seen by all other call group members.

Factors to be considered

The ability to record calls on an on-demand basis is based on the following factors:

  • The presence of on-demand recording licences.
  • The allocation of the on-demand call recording permission to the user.
  • Available call recording storage in the user’s personal voice mailbox.

NOTE: There are additional permissions which allow you to define who has access to different types of recordings. For example, the ability to either just listen, or listen and delete the call recordings.

These are allocated in the Edit User, Recording Profile field, and defined in the User, Profiles / Recording Tab within the Administration application.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or