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How to schedule tasks and phone calls as a reminder in Dynamics 365 CRM


Are you a person who makes lists? Do you need to remind yourself (or your colleague) of actions and activities that are important in your role as an account manager, sales representative or customer service agent?

The Dynamics 365 Task and Phone Call functionality is the perfect way of doing this.

How do I set up the Reminder?

An Activity (such as a Task or Phone Call) can be set up from the ribbon of you Activities list, as illustrated in the image below.

Setting up a reminder iin Dynamics 365 CRM

Make sure this new Activity is linked to its related record (Account, Opportunity, Case, etc) by completing the ‘Regarding field’.

TIP: The easiest way to do this is to create your Activity on the Timeline of the related record (see below).

Timeline in Dynamics 365 CRM

How do I schedule the Activity?

Both Tasks and Phone Calls will by default put your name as the Owner of the Activity.

If you want to task someone else, amend the Owner field to that person’s name.

You’ll then need to select the Date and Time of when the activity is to be completed. The image below highlights the Regarding field which is how this Activity is linked to your related record (e.g. Opportunity or Case).

Scheduling an activity in Dynamics 365 CRM

Stay on top of your activities using ‘My To-Do list’

You can view your list of open and uncompleted Activities in a number of places:

  • Activities list in the Dynamics 365 online or mobile app
  • The timeline of the related record
  • Tasks are visible in Outlook’s Task list

Within each of these, the activity can be marked as Complete and can be amended/edited before completion.

Further Information

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