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How to transfer an active Microsoft Teams Phone call to another device

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There are several reasons why you may start a call on one device, such as your desktop phone but then find it useful to continue the call on another, such as your Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Perhaps you wish to continue the call in a different location for privacy reasons, or you need to leave your desk area to start making your way to another meeting. 

Rather than have the hassle of parking or forwarding calls, or placing a separate follow-on call, Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to simply transfer the active call between your Microsoft Teams devices.

How do I transfer an active call to another device?

1. When you are in an active call on one device, such as your Desktop Client, open Microsoft Teams on a different device, such as your Microsoft Teams mobile app.

2. You’ll see a message similar to the below.

Transfer calls between devices in Microsoft Teams Phone

3. Tap on the Join button.

4. You’ll then be given the option to choose how you would like to join the existing call.

Join an existing call in Microsoft Teams Phone

5. Tap on “transfer to this device” and the call will be transferred to, in this example, your Microsoft Teams mobile app.

NOTE: The process works the same way if when you are on an active call using the Microsoft Teams Mobile app.  Simply open your Microsoft Teams Desktop app, and you’ll see a similar message advising you are in an active call, and the option to press the “Join” button.

To see the whole process from start to finish, watch our short video.

Further Information

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