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The new opportunity pipeline view in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


Microsoft have implemented a wonderful new visual or graphic on Opportunities called a Pipeline View.

Opportunity pipeline view in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

This blog explores how this looks and how it can work for you and your team.

How does it work?

1. Navigate to Opportunities and select the view you are interested in. E.g., My Open Opportunities or All Opportunities.

2. Then select the Pipeline view from the ribbon.

TIP: Select the Read Only Grid if you want to flip back to the default view.

Pipeline view in Dynamics 365 CRM

The pipeline view has 3 areas (see arrows in the first image above):

  1. A row of metrics at the top.
  2. A graph or chart showing Opportunity on a timeline.
  3. Editable grid or list of Opportunities as per your selected view.

All calculations and graphics are based on the view and any filter criteria that you have applied to this view.

Let’s explore these areas in more detail.

1. Metrics

The values displayed here have a standard calculation based on Estimated Revenue and the status of Open, Lost or Won.

You can amend or add to this list of metrics. Simply click on the Combo icon (right hand side) and select edit metrics. Each metrics can be edited, deleted or you can add a new one.

Edit metrics in Dynamics CRM
2. Chart

The dot size is relative to the Estimated Revenue, colour depicts pipeline phase as per the key below and displayed on the timeline against either Estimated Close or Actual Close dates (as appropriate for the Opportunity status).

Hovering over or clicking on a dot will give more information on each Opportunity. You can even open the full Opportunity form, by using the fly-out icon on the mini form displayed on the right.

Chart in opportunity view Dynamics 365 CRM
3. Editable grid

The editable grid allows you to amend the Opportunity information (Open Opportunities only) on the grid without having to open the individual record in a form.

NOTE: However, this comes with a health warning. This will not apply to any form formatting, such as locking fields, updating/calculating automatically from user actions.

Additional information

Microsoft have various help pages on this topic, if you would like to explore further.

Further Information

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