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How the Chase Debt module can help with credit control in Sage 50

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The chase debt module gives you a quick glance at a customers current debt.  This helps you determine who you may need to chase for payment.

You can show and hide columns from the list, as required.  For example, adding ageing period columns to the list.

How do I access the Chase debt window?

To help you with your credit control, you can use the chase debt option to view your customers and their current debt.

To access, simply click Customers then select the Chase debt option.

Chase debt module in Sage 50

Options in the Chase debt window

The due in x day(s) box

This option appears at the top of the customer list.

This setting affects how the Overdue figures calculate. If you enter a number in this box, the Overdue column includes invoices that will become overdue within the number of days you specify.

Predefined filter drop-down

This option appears to the right of the Filter option at the top of the Customer list.

You can filter the list to hide customer records you don’t wish to see.  For example, filtering the list to only show customers that have outstanding balances.

To see the exact criteria that each option applies, select the required option then click Filter.

Overdue column

You now have an overdue column, without having to run different reports to view this information. 

The option checks the current program date then adds on the number of days entered in the Include invoices due within the next x day(s) box.

Overdue column in Sage 50

The overdue column displays the total value of all invoices that are overdue on this date.

The Invoice due date = Invoice date + number of days entered in the Payment Due Days box in the Customer Record > Credit Control tab.

Follow up column

This shows the customer’s next follow up date. This is  the earliest date that appears in the Customer Record > Communications tab.

Follow up column in Sage 50 chase debt

If you want the latest follow up date to appear, delete the communications with the earlier follow up dates.

Further Information

If you have any questions about this or need assistance, then please contact the GCC Group Support Team on 0345 260 1151 or


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