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Did you know screen sharing is built into MX Cloud?

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Screen sharing is built into MX Cloud – there’s no need to switch to another application!

When you are collaborating with a colleague, it may be beneficial if you are both able to see the same thing, for example a PowerPoint Presentation or an Excel spreadsheet.

With MX Cloud you can start a screen sharing session with another person in just a few clicks.

With the appropriate system configuration in place, you can even share your screen with someone that is not a MX Cloud user, they just need to have access to the Internet.

How do I start a screen share session with another user on my system?

It’s easy to start a screen share session when the person is another user on the same phone system.

You can start a screen share session by clicking on the screen share icon, in the top right-hand corner of your MX Cloud client.

MX Cloud Start a Screen Share

The icon will show green when the user is logged into the MX Cloud client and a screen share session is possible.

To find the contact you’d like to start a screen share with, select the user from your Buddies list or from within your Contacts in the MX address book.

You don’t need to be on a call first, you could be talking via the Chat window.

Once you have clicked on the start “screen share”, your MX Cloud screen is updated to alert you to the fact you are sharing your screen.

MX Cloud Screen Share Alert

NOTE: If you have multiple monitors, then your Primary monitor which will be shared. There is no need to select any specific application to share, it’s the whole screen which is visible.

Once you have chosen to initiate a screen sharing session, the other user will receive a popup message in MX Cloud, alerting them to the fact that a screen share session has been started.

The user you are sharing a screen with can then click on View Screen and the screen share will start, as illustrated below.

MX Cloud Screen Share User Alert

The below image shows an example of screen sharing in session in MX Cloud:

MX Cloud what does a screen share look like

The screen share is view only, but you can use the chat window if you need to share text, images, or files.

When you have finished, you can stop the screen share session by clicking on either of the red icons.

MX Cloud Stop Screen Sharing

The other party can leave the screen share session, but can always re-join until you, (as the originator) presses either of the red icons to stop sharing your screen.

The flashing red icon then clears to confirm you are no longer sharing your screen.

But I want to screenshare with an external party? No problem – Invite them as a guest.

As a MX Cloud user, your phone system administrator can give you permissions to invite an external party to take part in a call, screen share etc. just by sharing a link with them.

To find out how to do this – check out part 1 and 2 of our blogs, which detail how to communicate with external parties.

Further Information

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